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Moving Kenosha Forward

Public Safety

Public Safety is fundamental to healthy communities and welcoming neighborhoods.

As a former Chair of Public Safety and Welfare I led efforts to maintain well-trained and equipped first responders to combat crime and effectively deal with emergencies in our city.  I believe Community Engaged Policing is vital to the Kenosha Action Roadmap to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I will continue to support and encourage community teams as they update the Kenosha Action Roadmap in the years ahead. 

Safe Communities are sustained with Community Partnerships. 

We need to support and enhance Kenosha’s social capital. Our city must partner with community-based organizations providing resources that improve the quality of life for people in all our neighborhoods. In the 28 years since I led the creation of the Kenosha Community Health Center, this non-profit organization has provided over $150 million worth of medical, dental, and mental health care; including new health care facilities established throughout Kenosha. 


As a current member of the Community Development Block Grant Committee, I have and will continue to support urgently needed services throughout our city including Shalom Center, Kenosha Literacy Council, Meals on Wheels and KAFASI health care transportation, Women’s and Children’s Horizons, the Kenosha Achievement Center, ELCA legal assistance for Hispanic citizens, Boys and Girls Club educational programs, after school learning programs in Frank and Lincoln schools, and Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation.  


Effective and equitable city services.

I will establish positive relationships with city staff and  common council members to facilitate smooth operations throughout City Hall. A well trained and compensated staff with the necessary tools and training is essential to the delivery of city services. As your mayor I will promote fair and open hiring practices and diverse representation on all boards and commissions. I am committed to providing opportunities for residents to participate in our government and the important decisions facing our community.

Economic Development

Economic Development and Diverse Educational opportunities are essential to sustainable communities in the 21st century.  

Our city government plays a critical role in providing support and services to all our residents, businesses, and institutions across Kenosha. Establishing a sustainable, growing economy with family supporting jobs; depends on a vibrant spirit of partnership between community stakeholders, city staff, and elected officials. As a city council member I led development of Kenosha’s Southport Marina and the Business Park of Kenosha.  Over the past 30 years these projects have led to close to $2B in new development, including redevelopment in downtown and adjacent neighborhoods, and the creation of thousands of jobs across our city. Experience shows community-wide beautification efforts will continue to draw private sector investment to our city. 

As a current City Plan Commissioner, I championed the $450 million Downtown Plan recently proposed by Mayor Antaramian.  I am also committed to the development of the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood. As a member of the City of Kenosha Redevelopment Authority, I strongly support the Uptown East Urban Renewal Project. These large-scale projects will expand housing, educational, and economic opportunities, transforming Kenosha’s oldest neighborhoods. I also believe smaller projects, sustaining local businesses and urban renewal initiatives, will be essential to Kenosha’s future.

Safe Affordable Housing

Economic Development and Affordable Housing go hand in hand. 

As a member of the City of Kenosha Redevelopment Authority and HOME Commissioner, I believe we must tackle the need for safe, affordable housing throughout our city. As your mayor I will work to expand home ownership in distressed neighborhoods. Experience has shown this strategy helps reduce crime, increase property values, and leads to a better quality of life for young and old alike.  Working with existing community partners, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Shalom Center, and establishing innovative public/private partnerships for success in our neighborhood rejuvenation efforts, is essential for Kenosha’s future.  


Every rental property in Kenosha must be responsibly maintained. Tenants should not have to live in fear of reprisals when they need to ask for city help with rental property code enforcement.  Regular inspections to ensure rental properties are safely maintained, and strategies to address exterior maintenance problems when needed to protect neighboring property values, are essential to sustainable neighborhoods.  Kenosha's assistance programs for emergency repairs are vital to low income homeowners and as your mayor I will enhance these programs

Quality of Life

Responsible Environmental Stewardship will make our city healthier and more welcoming for all.  

We need to think globally and act locally. As your mayor, I will champion public/private initiatives in environmental stewardship and sustainable energy design.  This will ensure a brighter, safer future for generations to come. City landscape design utilizing plant species native to Wisconsin in our parks and public space will model energy conservation, improve water quality, and lower maintenance expenses, while increasing carbon capture. I have championed this approach as Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee of the Southport Park Association and will work to incorporate these principles for future parks improvements throughout our city. 

Parks, Beautification, and Historic Preservation.  Expanding access to play spaces for children throughout our community makes Kenosha a more welcoming and inclusive place for all of our families.  As a former Parks Commissioner, I led the creation of the Anderson Park soccer complex and the installation of water slides in our public pools. As your mayor, I will work to rejuvenate parks throughout our community in ways that feature environmentally responsible landscape design and spaces for play and relaxation, while meeting ADA accessibility standards. 



As a current City Plan Commissioner, I encourage private and public beautification efforts in new developments and in redevelopment of existing properties.  This approach to urban planning and design leads to welcoming neighborhoods and sustainable property values. 


As the former Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission, I led the adoption of a landmark ordinance that would protect and preserve Kenosha’s cultural and architectural heritage for future generations.  The Stella Hotel, Library Park Residences, and the Southport Beach House are a few examples of historic buildings that were saved from the wrecking ball and are now places of civic pride.

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